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毛糸と刺繍糸から考えるSDGs と Heartwarming items















そのような事を考えながら、heartwarming なものづくりと真心のこもった販売を続けていきたいと思います。



(サリクラフト スタッフT)


Think about SDGs and heartwarming products from the knitting and embroidery thread


According to my mother, my grandmother bought pure wool yarn balls little by little before the world war .

My mother was the youngest of four siblings, but her mother often knitted waistcoats, sweaters, socks and etc.. during and after the war when there is a shortage of daily necessities.

As the children grew up, it was able to untie and re-knit, so they could withstand the cold of winter even when they were not that luxurious.

The good thing about hand-knitting is it can be untie and re-knitted. And knitting by hand one by one, we can feel the warmth with naturally.


One more story…

This is the story that Mrs.Tram from Vietnam who made Sari Craft’s hand embroidery products.

Mrs.Tram was a young lady who makes heartfelt and polite embroidery one by one. When I told her that I was impressed by her wonderful hand embroidery, she told me about her grandmother.

In a era when it was not that luxurious, her grandmother keep the small piece of hand-woven silk fabrics and untie the weft with carefully. She stored threads it and made beautiful embroidery on her clothes and accessories. She said "I still embroidering with that in mind."


Mrs.Tram and his husband passed away suddenly when they were involved in a building fire in Ho Chi Minh City. I cried for their obituary, but her kind feelings are cherished in my heart's drawer, and I sometimes remember it and making handicrafts.


Now is an era that we can easily buy anything. However, the feeling of valuing things that have been around for a long time, it is sometimes warms our hearts.

With that in mind, Sari Craft would like to continue making heartwarming products and sincere sales.

It's very small things in our world, but we hope it can lead to taking on a little part of the SDGs.


Tomoko T H

Director, Sari Craft